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I’ve been working on a major piece of work centering in western Queens, NYC- called Pickman’s Camera. The revelations about certain occult abnormalities I will be unveiling will certainly shock some of the more conservative residents of the area, but many cultivated minds will find a confirmation of their worst suspicions. A photographic essay, Pickman has required me to travel the “Newtown Pentacle” on foot. As I’ve crawled through rusting fences and over shattered walls, my only traveling companion has been my trusty iPhone and its long playlists of H.P. Lovecraft audio books. 

The quality of these recordings vary wildly. Some of the commercial versions are tedious and badly pronounced, which is what you’d expect of the free varieties available from Librivox and others. Here are a few links (which neither I nor Ancram Hudson have any artistic or financial connection to) which will take you to some of the fun stuff I’ve found over the last year or two.

  • First, a great SF blog which tracks this sort of thing is SFFaudio. This is their H.P. Lovecraft page.
  • The best of the best unabridged readings are from Audiorealms, featuring narrator Wayne June. Flat out readings of the Lovecraft Texts by professional voice talent in a studio. Genre defining, these are commercial works which really deserve support. Buy em, highest Mitch Waxman ratings- lengthy, mellifluous, well worth the hard slaved money.
  • is hosting Maria Lectrix‘s readings of “The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath“. Free, and open sourced, go get em. Poke around at, by the way. This isn’t the only Lovecraft audio there- look for “Herbert West: Reanimator” and others. 
  • Uvula audio recently released a couple of fantastic adaptations- “The Shadow Out of Time” and (non-lovecraft, but genre geonome cousins) “Doc Savage Man of Bronze“. Available as podcasts, this link is their preferred feed. Haven’t listened to the new SF one yet, “Spacehounds of the IPC”.
  • Zombie Astronaut, in whatever incarnation it is now, maintains links to MANY Lovecraft audio files here. I do not what legalities are like in your part of the interweb, so download at your own risk. You’re probably doing google searches by now for this stuff anyway. ZA has Cthulhu, “At the Mountains of Madness”, and Harlan Ellison as voice talent in “rats in the walls”. As if an army of webcops could stop you now. Oh yeah, there’s also Christopher Lee reading “the Exorcist”. Look around for ZA’s other blogs and sites, by the way. There is an Old Time Radio enthusiast subnet these days using podcasts as its distribution method. Personally, I stay away from torrents- never know what you’re pulling in over file sharing networks. 
  • The Atlanta Radio Theatre company, ARTC, has a podcast. Yay. This radio troop performs brilliant adaptations of Lovecraft stories, and have a feel for the nitre choked atmospherics of Arkham and Dunwich. They have “Shadow over Innsmouth” and a lot of other stuff. I’d recommend their commercial audiobooks as well, which are available from the iTunes store and (I think).
  • The H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society. Wow, do I wish that these guys would be given unlimited funding and an entire cable channel. Go there, buy everything they will sell you. The “Call of Cthulhu” film is brilliant, their audio dramas superb. Get em.

That’s all for now. Weirdass Comics will be resuming regular updates in a very big way in the coming weeks. Much to do, enjoy the literally days worth of audio found in the links above.


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